• Image of Sac 1, Sac 2 Canvas & Natural
  • Image of Sac 1, Sac 2 Canvas & Natural

Sac 1: 2 In Stock
Sac 2: SOLD OUT!

Leather goods designed by Agnes Baddoo. Handcrafted in Los Angeles, California. Canvas/Natural Cow.

Sac 1: 10 X 11.5. strap height 7"
Sac 2: 15 x 17. strap height 7"

Care: It is a good idea to condition the leather, seasonally. Especially before and after storage. Coconut and olive oil both condition, with subtle, barely noticeable tanning. Each skin is different. I recommend a test patch on the bottom, letting it dry over night, before applying to the whole bag.

To maintain a bright clean canvas longer, you could spot Scotchguard over the canvas, only. In consecutive thin, light layers. Letting it dry between applications.

Note: Natural leather is veggie tanned, hence it starts as a pale pink and tans over time and exposure to a dark honey.