Designer and stylist Agnes Baddoo observes her surroundings by investigating our ever-changing environment and the interactions of people through fashion. Inspired by simple forms with function and an interest in genuine craft and techniques, Agnes Baddoo creates leather goods that are well made and classic. Most notably the original Sac 1, a structured, vegetable tanned leather tote, distinct in its style, merging soft and hard lines. The materials in the collection are carefully selected and uniquely composed. The shapes are designed for everyday use, and adapt to our evolving environment. Based in Los Angeles and New York City, all leather goods are handmade by a small local production house using the most exacting attention to detail, resulting in timeless pieces with life-long value.

Baddoo became a designer out of necessity. She had taken a favorite bag that once belonged to her mother to the shoemaker so many times, they had to change the proportion and move the handles and closures until they couldn’t do it anymore. Undeterred, “I set out to find someone who could make the bag for me,” she says.
— The Glow Up