Echo Park Craft Fair: Artist Interview

For the past 20 years, Agnes Badoo has been a Los Angeles-based stylist, author of five travel guides, creator of numerology inspired sprays known as Everyw’air and designer of the much coveted leather totes. We spoke to her about her work and inspirations. 

What is your background and how have your past experiences fed into your art? 
My background is in fine art (painting/printmaking), fashion editorial, costume design/styling with a few choice retail forays sprinkled for good measyre. My appreciation of materials, quality craftsmanship, form+function, plus an understanding of vendor/consumer engagement inspire me to create timeless, well made, good looking items that will last and be appreciated for a lifetime and beyond.

Do you feel that your environment feeds into work and if so, what makes your work distinctively Californian? 
Overall, I think my work is universal but the weather, light, landscape of California definitely keeps me inspired + motivated. Also, I find in California, an emphasis on lifestyle and well-being that is compatible with my preference for timeless, thoughtfully designed, practical forever items.

What are your top 3 studio essentials? 
Natural light, a (minimally cluttered) work table, music. (Proximity to the kitchen doesn’t hurt!)