DOEN: The Radiant Agnes Baddoo and her Magic Leather Goods

The Radiant Agnes Baddoo and her Magic Leather Goods Photography by Nicki Sebastian

There are certain people with whom connection is immediate, a certain mutual admiration passing between you from the second you meet. That is exactly what happened when I met Agnes a few years ago through a mutual friend. Agnes is undoubtedly a force. There is a kindness deep in her eyes, and a softness in her heart that is evident in the raw honesty and way she discloses about her life - directly to the important stuff! She is known in the Los Angeles community not only for her radiant personality but also for her cult favorite bags. The simple designs, high quality material and tried and true shapes of her locally and traditionally made leather goods have captured the hearts and attention of many. She started small at the Echo Park Craft Fair, with her first season selling out within hours. I personally have a few of her pieces (The Sac 2Belt Sac and the Canvas Foldover clutch - coming back to her website soon!), which I constantly get compliments on, and they are only getting better with time and love and wear.

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